About Us

Carletonville Tool & Hardware (CTH) was established in 2012 and we are an independent company.


Carletonville Tool & Hardware (CTH) is fastly growing into one of the leading suppliers of Welding supplies, Personal Protective Clothing (PPE), Tools and Hardware products.


Over the past few years Carletonville Tool & Hardware (CTH) has joined forces with some of the leading importers and manufacturers, allowing us to become a Key Distributor. We supply the best quality products available, with the best pricing.

We are focused to take the online sector by storm and helping everyone in need of our type products to be able to order and get what they need by a click of a button in the comfort of their own homes.

We offer our services to the Mining Sector, Industrial Sector and the DIY enthusiast.

No matter who you are or how big or small - we cater for any and all.